Inside you is the desire to show yourself. And to be seen. Just as you are. To capture who you are right now. For you. For later.

Being photographed is exciting. It can also be:







When I photograph you, I want to gift you all that. From the moment of our first contact, to being photographed, to receiving the photos and sharing them with the world — I want to create a space for you to feel completely at ease and to show yourself as you are.

I'm a trained journalist and photographer, but more than anything it's my love for deep connections and other people's emotions that brought me here. I love the space of trust we enter into when you allow me to photograph you authentically. And the many beautiful moments and surprises that arise.

Tell me something about yourself or ask me a question:


''I am so grateful for your photo magic and the time and love you put into it. And grateful for what you give me with your photos. You don't know how much it means to me to have photos of myself where I recognize myself and feel beautiful.''


''Your photos capture my essence and my energy in a very special way. I have the feeling that they are not just photos. They say much more about me. About my work and how I really am. And that is something very precious.''